Connect to Phospher BBS

 Telnet to port 23 

Telnet/MUD Clients

I've used a lot of MUD clients over the years and Telix is my preferred client. I put together a few packages for Linux and Windows that emulate the DOS version of Telix in DOSBox; a simple config change to DOSBox emulates a modem via the standard DOS serial port allowing outbound telnet connections to be made. Pretty slick.

Telix supports macros which make playing MUDs much more enjoyable. E.g., typing "south," "south," "east," "west" gets old fast. I've included a macro file that loads automatically for Crossroads. E.g., CTRL-[any letter on the keyboard] results in "hit [any letter on the keyboard]", i.e., CTRL-A = "hit a [return]" or up arrow = "north [return]." These macros allow you to fly through the realm. I've also added a few other macros for mages as well, e.g., "cast whip [any letter on the keyboard]."

I packaged Telix with a modified dosbox.conf and made them available below. Truly, the only magic to make DOSBox allow telnet through to Telix is "serial1=modem listenport:2323" in dosbox.conf. My provided dosbox.conf sets this and has a few other basic commands listed to automatically start Telix.

I've used Telix under DOSBox for the past 8 years, mostly on Linux. I've tested it on Windows and MacOS without issues as well.


If you just want Telix or my dosbox.conf, you can grab them here:

A demonstration video of Telix under DOSBox in action

Telix Quick Reference

  • alt-d = Open Address Book (Dialer)
  • alt-h = Hangup/Disconnect
  • alt-x = Exit Telix
  • alt-k = Macro Loader / Editor
  • alt-o = Telix Configuration
  • alt-j = Jump to DOS (exit to return to Telix)
  • alt-b = Scroll back
  • alt-z = List of hotkeys