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Gateway Watcher Tarball

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You must be root!

Download the Tarball:

by clicking



Extract the tarball to the installation root of your choice (I recommend /opt/gwwatcher.)

tar xvfz gwwatcher-0.2-1.tar.gz
mv gwwatcher /opt/.

There are a few things to consider when using the tarball rather than the RPM.

  • I've done my best to use relative paths and not hardcode anything in the application.
  • You must adjust the gwwatcher.cfg file located under the etc directory in the gwwatcher root.
  • If you wish to use the init script, lograte.d and apache configs, you will need to adjust the paths in each file to reflect your new installation root (they're already set to use /opt/gwwatcher.)

  • WebUI:

Copy <your gwwatcher installation root>/etc/httpd/conf.d/gwwatcher.conf to /etc/httpd/conf.d/ or wherever your apache conf.d directory is located.

  • Start apache. (however you do on your distro, be sure to start on boot as well)

  • Starting gwwatcher: (be sure to start on boot as well)

You can use the init script located: <your gwwatcher installation root>/etc/init.d/gwwatcher. All distros are different, copy the script to your init directory and adjust paths accordingly.

  • init script functions:
  Usage: /etc/init.d/gwwatcher {start|startdebug|stop|status|restart}

They're all obvious but one. "startdebug". Starting gwwatcher with startdebug will run gwwatcher normally and function normally, however; it will also append a log file of its real-time status and/or errors to /tmp/gwwatcherdebug.log. Be aware, you do not want to run gwwatcher indefinitely in debug mode as it produces a lot of data.

If you followed the instructions correctly and haven't hit any serious errors, you should be able to navigate to gwwatcher's WebUI.

  http://<hostname or IP of gwwatcher>/gwwatcher

Log rotation: optional and recommended

  • Copy <your gwwatcher installation root>/etc/logrotate.d/gwwatcher.logrotate to /etc/logrotate.d/ and configure accordingly. (size directive, gwwatcher/logs directory)


I'm still working on an easy upgrade path for gwwatcher. For now, do the above all over again with the latest version of the gwwatcher's tarball.

  • Note: Always backup your config (config changed in 0.2-1, you will need to port your settings to this new config file if upgrading from < 0.2-1.)
cp <your gwwatcher installation root>/etc/gwwatcher.cfg ~/gwwatcher.cfg.bak